We believe in the power of collective endeavour. We are a practice where diverse talents come together in a culture of open exchange, where our approach and design language are continually evolving to adapt to current and future conditions.

Our collective purpose is to design for life, for the common good, and our work is given continuity by this wider frame of environmental and social responsibility. Every design decision we make is driven by a consideration of its current and future impact, not only on people’s lives, but also on the planet itself. The consistency of our approach is driven by the practice’s Design Review Group, which analyses every project at key stages of its design development and promotes the practice’s key themes that are explored below.

We believe that buildings should be more than skin deep, so all of our work is guided by the activity of those that use them and bespoke to their collective identity. Through collaboration with our interior design specialists ID:SR, we design fitting spaces where people feel valued, healthy and emotionally connected.

Interconnected actions can achieve more than individual gestures, and the best architecture grows out of meaningful, constructive engagement in which end users, clients and design team are partners. Our process is shaped by conversation and exchange within the practice, enabling all to benefit from our collective experience and perspective. We’re not just one designer; we’re many.

We have a drive to work with clients on every stage of a project, applying the same diligence to the final detail of the building as we do to the first concept sketch. This is supported by our review process where every project is scrutinised at keys stages. Whether plotting a path to net zero-carbon, planning the perfect floorplate or deliberating a technical detail, this structured collaboration allows designs to benefit from the exchange of ideas and experience.

We are known for our ability to deliver our designs, believing that the careful making of a building brings it to life. We also lend our detailed design expertise to major projects by other architects through our specialists, AXIS.

Our impulse to innovate creates designs that are adventurous yet grounded, with the strides forward we make rooted in the tackling societal issues of the day as well as the engaging with the pace of change across the sectors in which we work. Recent examples of the issues we have engaged with include: new perspectives on co-creation; improving inclusive design through neurodiversity; the pursuit of net zero-carbon; the potential of MMC; and the radical convergence of different typologies.

Our legacy of innovation means that we embrace and pioneer the latest technologies. Our technical team work closely with our BIM and computational specialists to build comprehensive models of projects, offering guidance to clients on how they can harness the inherent advantages of digital tools. Our track record in this area is supported by a strong culture of learning, with training embedded within our team’s professional development.

Modelling – and sketching – by hand also remain a vital part of the design process as, with the help of our modelshop, we iterate, test and communicate our ideas.