We are a collective of interior design specialists and architects—energetic and open—with the agility to step outside the box and look at problems from our clients’ point of view.

We are informed by our immersive client relationships and our long-term exposure to their bigger organisational picture. Our robust engagement process enables us to create activity-driven designs that achieve new standards of wellbeing. The resulting spaces are functional, evocative and engaging.

The spaces we design celebrate organisational culture and identity, but we never forget to acknowledge the individual. Organisations are continually evolving organisms, so as well as responding to the culture that binds them, we also design for the social, creative and career wellbeing of each individual within that. By making spaces that map and anticipate diversity, everyone can feel part of the whole but liberated to navigate it in their own way.

The future of how we live, work and play is increasingly influenced by the convergence of different sectors and uses. Offices are no longer just places to work; their design is being heavily influenced by the worlds of hospitality, residential design, technology and science. We create environments that weave together these different uses and atmospheres, bringing together a rich mix of spaces in new, useful and beautiful ways.

People—and the human experience—are key touchpoints in our work. Our clients are ever-changing configurations of individuals; our job is to understand (and anticipate) what binds them together and how they want to evolve. We then help our clients galvanise around that change by translating their vision into space.

Wellbeing will be an essential ingredient in the offices and homes of the future. Workplaces, for example, that support wellbeing will attract and retain the best talent. Our deep understanding of how light, air, acoustics and comfort influence individual wellbeing helps us to drive forward the wellness agenda in new, more radical ways.

Because we have such longstanding associations with our clients, the knowledge we have of their organisations becomes almost intuitive, and those partnerships increasingly warm and joyful. Being fully tuned into and supportive of their vision gives us dexterity in knowing how and when to ask questions, what to ask and of whom.

We have the benefit of our in-house architectural team, with whom we closely collaborate to tap into a very particular client need. Our independence from – and integration with – the architectural and delivery parts of the business give us a unique position in the industry; the studio base offers characterful ground to support our client relationships.

Whether we are scrutinising a floorplate as part of building selection or perfecting details during implementation phases, precision is central to what we do. The culmination of our precision-made approach, balanced by a close eye on the big picture, is that the spaces we create come to life.

Data is critical to our approach, helping us to design spaces informed by a solid use case. We use it in the early stages of workplace projects to shape hybrid working strategies, and also employ live data to help choreograph work patterns in existing buildings.

Our design review process, through which we scrutinise projects at key stages, is integral to getting the details right. By drawing on the full breadth of our shared experience, every project can be precision-made.

Our legacy of innovation means that we embrace and pioneer the latest modelling technologies. Our technical team works closely with our BIM and computational specialists to build comprehensive models of projects, offering guidance to clients on how they can harness the inherent advantages of digital tools. Our track record in this area is supported by a strong culture of learning, with training embedded within our team’s professional development.