ID:SR makes spaces that put people at the heart of the design. As a studio of interior design specialists and architects, we have grown out of Sheppard Robson and freely collaborate with the wider collective while retaining our independent spirit.

For us imagination and empirical thinking go hand in hand. We are adept at using creativity to resolve organisational challenges, helping our clients – with whom we often have longstanding partnerships – to bring about change by translating their vision into beautiful and useful spaces. Our approach starts with the use case, and then employs pure design expertise to balance emotion and economy, hearts and minds.

The activity-driven spaces we design celebrate organisational culture and identity, while supporting the individual. Organisations are organisms, endlessly reconfiguring, so as well as responding to the culture that binds them, we also design for the social, creative and career wellbeing of each person within an organisation. By making spaces that map and anticipate diversity, everyone can feel part of the whole but liberated to navigate it in their own way.

We are interior design specialists and architects, known for listening and leading. We employ an activity-driven design process that is built upon rigorous and structured engagement, allowing us to fully understand our clients’ points of view.

Using both sketchbooks and spreadsheets, we move beyond empirical analysis to help them navigate industry shifts, such as hybrid working, to create spaces that engage and delight. Our journeys with clients draw from a comprehensive range of design services, from concept to implementation of interior spaces and base-build architecture as well as space planning, strategic briefing and fit-out.

Our projects are often a catalyst for organisational change. With rigorous workplace analysis, engagement and benchmarking, we can successfully drive such transformations, delivering a diverse range of spaces that respond to our clients’ specific culture and requirements.

Our activity-driven design approach is informed by strategic briefing, data analysis and future-planning. By mapping out the right mix of work settings and social spaces, the places and spaces we create become city-like masterplans that can adapt to new models of hybrid working and levels of agility, ensuring our clients’ property strategy matches their ambition and culture.

Our activity-driven masterplans use data and analysis to bring together a range of spaces, including amenities, collaboration and social spaces alongside technical facilities and areas for focused work. We also work alongside client's operational teams to ensure our designs are maintained and continue to perform how they were intended to.

We draw on the breadth and depth of our expertise to create sustainable strategies for our clients. We assist our occupier clients in selecting and shaping the best building for their needs, from stay-or-go analysis, to building monitoring and technical review, through to negotiating agreements for lease. We investigate the size, shape, motivation, and potential growth patterns of the occupier, to create a strategic brief that defines due diligence requirements and building selection criteria that can be tested against our comparison matrix. Using our extensive experience of working with occupiers, we help developers analyse their existing and new assets to ensure they are future-proofed and appeal to a range of tenants.

As part of our detailed design service, our in-house graphics team create environmental graphics and wayfinding strategies. These carefully considered details have the power to communicate a client’s brand identity, while improving how people navigate and experience spaces. By embracing biophilic design influences, environmental graphics can also impact the wellness credentials of a project and promote new levels of inclusivity.

Collective culture

Grown out of the Sheppard Robson culture, our studio is a diverse and fertile space where inventive minds and innovative design are cultivated. We make room for new talents and lasting partnerships to grow and flourish. We give people the opportunity to take an active role in shaping our portfolio, contributing to studio life and ultimately leaving their own mark on the legacy of the practice and our clients.

Opening Doors, Opening Minds

Architect Alexandra Gould’s working with local school children as part of the Urban Learners programme.

We are actively involved with a wide range of community initiatives that engage young minds and champion diversity within architecture, design and the arts more broadly. Ultimately, we believe this will help to improve diversity and inclusivity and create social value within the built environment industries, by engaging with the potential designers of the future. We are well placed to connect a wide range of people to the power of creativity, and we believe every child should start life with as many open doors in front of them as possible.

We encourage our employees to engage with initiatives that they are passionate about, both on our projects and within our practice, which is further supported by our Equality, Inclusivity and Diversity Team. More detail on these initiatives can be found in our Opening Doors, Opening Minds publication.