We are a practice of detailed design specialists, bringing together architects, interior designers and technologists to deliver projects while uncovering hidden potential and new possibilities.

Our evolution out of Sheppard Robson gives us the scale, expertise and collaborative spirit to successfully realise large, complex projects. Our unusually wide stylistic and functional repertoire benefits from our instinct to innovate and push the boundaries of new technologies.

A space to review

We are proud to fill the realisation gap, bringing great ideas to fruition efficiently and sustainably, and with minimal risk to our clients. Our approach is based on a critical analysis of what exists. No matter how rigorously an idea has been evolved, there’s always space to review it, offering a second opinion, streamlining the methodology and uncovering unseen opportunities. We are adept at prioritising what is important – getting the detail right is just as important as achieving the bigger picture – and maintaining a collective focus towards realisation, a critical path and clear direction which reflects our name, AXIS.

Scale and expertise

We draw upon the depth and breadth of the wider Sheppard Robson team of 370 architects, interiors designers, technologists, and support staff. This capacity allows us to carefully build a team around the specific characteristics of a project and is particularly beneficial when asked to start projects at short notice.

As with Sheppard Robson and ID:SR, sustainable innovation is a founding principle of the practice, and is fully integrated into our designs and business processes. Our sustainable design process is not limited to targeting specific green credentials, but instead pushes the boundaries of performance and efficiency of the built environment.

Opening Doors, Opening Minds

We are actively involved with a wide range of community initiatives that engage young minds and champion diversity within architecture, design and the arts more broadly. Ultimately, we believe this will help to improve diversity and inclusivity and create social value within the built environment industries, by engaging with the potential designers of the future. We are well placed to connect a wide range of people to the power of creativity, and we believe every child should start life with as many open doors in front of them as possible.

We encourage our employees to engage with initiatives that they are passionate about, both on our projects and within our practice, which is further supported by our Equality, Inclusivity and Diversity Team.