Workplace Reoccupation: Strategy, Transition, and Vision

1st June 2020

The world is currently experiencing unprecedented changes and challenges, with a rapid shift to working from home highlighting opportunities, limitations, and possible implications for the future. In tandem, this shift has generated a societal shift in values, while offering more clarity on the benefits—and indeed the necessity—of physical, communal spaces that bring people together to live, work and play.

As restrictions begin to lift, and life begins transitioning back into the physical world, we can re-envision our workplaces, leisure spaces, schools and homes to reflect these societal shifts and the evolving convergence of life into less siloed spaces. This requires both a pragmatic and personal approach, while also ensuring safety, optimising wellness, and promoting sustainability.

Sheppard Robson and ID:SR are passionate about understanding this transition, and this publication collates together our latest thinking on designing through Covid-19 and into the future.

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