Opening Doors, Opening Minds

1st November 2019

Sheppard Robson is actively involved with a wide range of community initiatives that engage young minds and champion diversity within architecture, design and the arts more broadly. Ultimately, we believe this will help to improve diversity and inclusivity within the built environment industries, by engaging with the potential designers of the future. As a practice, we are well placed to connect a wide range of people to the power of creativity, and we believe every child should start life with as many open doors in front of them as possible.

To support this, we encourage each of our employees to seek out initiatives that they are passionate about—from co-designing a classroom, to mentoring architecture and design students.

Several of these initiatives are outlined in our publication, Opening Doors, Opening Minds, which are both practice-led and self-initiated by our dedicated staff, and supported by Sheppard Robson by providing the time, space and patronage necessary to bring these ideas to fruition.

Download Opening Doors, Opening Minds