Ideas on Co-creation: Listening, Trusting, Communicating, Empowering, Advocating

14th August 2020

Edited by Sheppard Robson, Ideas on Co-creation: Listening, Trusting, Communicating, Empowering, Advocating, is study into co-creation and how heightened engagement can lead to positive changes in the built environment. The publication offers a contribution to the wider industry, unpacking what it means to co-create, while presenting stories, lessons and principles for putting people and communities at the heart of the design process.

In the application of architecture, we define cocreation as a process that fosters engagement from the inception of a project to help establish its overall direction. Co-creation instead positions end users as experts to enable meaningful contributions towards design processes and outcomes, in which architects become conductors of the design process, responsible for shaping strategic visions and championing empathetic, human-centric design.

Ideas on Co-creation provides a space where the process of listening takes centre stage, and seeks to address the question, “How can we push engagement further?” The publication collates together views on co-creation and engagement from prominent industry thinkers, with a wide cross section of built environment voices that includes, architects, clients, community members, council representatives, developers, planners, and more, such as Rachel Cooper OBE, Distinguished Professor of Design Management and Policy, Lancaster University; Martyn Evans, Creative Director, U+I; Peter Murray, Curator in Chief, New London Architecture and Mayor of London’s Design Advocate; and Sarah Cary, Executive Director Place, Enfield Council.

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