What will we be talking about in 2016? Helen Berresford discusses.

8th January 2016

What (design and construction) ideas will we be talking about in 2016 around the watercooler? From “finTech” to “broke-plan”, Construction Manager magazine assembled a team of experts to discuss the issues and buzzwords that will crop up in the year ahead. Head of ID:SR Sheppard Robson, Helen Berresford took the opportunity to discuss the Wellbeing Standard and health in the workplace.

Helen’s comments from the article are below: "Around 86% of the cost of an organisation is people, with property a much smaller proportion of overall business costs”, says Helen Berresford, head of ID:SR, architect Sheppard Robson's interior design group, "so it makes sense to make sure those people perform well."

Berresford believes that 2016 will see wellness placed alongside sustainability as a key client requirement: "All of our new briefs have a wellness agenda written in them, this was not the case last year," she says. "The issue is really pertinent now as the economy has improved and everyone is trying to attract and retain the best talent. We are being asked to create holistic buildings that support organisations do what they do better and enable the best talent to operate the best they can.

"There's been a lot of circling around the wellness agenda, in a British pragmatic way. But now we have precedent studies and the building blocks are in place, clients can see the impact wellness has on staff," she continues.

Berresford reports that clients are asking about and investigate certification and believes that WELL could be a useful tool in pushing and driving the agenda. However, she also points out that expense of the certification, and the continuous assessment it demands, will put off the majority of clients. What we will start to see is individual companies using wellness as a USP.

"I think there will definitely be a point in the future where developers can sell their product based on wellness certification," she concludes.

And the full article can be read on the Construction Manager website.

(Pictured on the right is ID:SR’s interior for KPMG Leeds, which encourages physical movement around the office as part of the project’s Wellbeing strategy.)

Helen Berresford RIBA

Partner, Head of ID:SR