Sector collaboration is the future

18th October 2021

The office, university campus and hospital are all building types under intense scrutiny, with these sectors converging to shape new ‘innovation districts’.

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Like never before, there is increasing overlap between commercial workplaces and academic institutions looking to move away from being ‘ivory towers’ to institutions that are positively engaged with developing research into marketable products and processes.

Healthcare, science and traditional workspaces have had a tendency to be siloed, developing innovations in their respective fields. However, the territorial barriers between disciplines are being eroded so companies large and small can feed off one another’s innovation and expertise.

The opportunity exists to create diverse ecosystems of businesses of different scales, complemented by an increasingly entrepreneurial mindset in higher education, linked also to cities that provide the quality of life and density of activity necessary to attract investment and talent.

A very topical example of this new collaborative vision is ID:Manchester – a project we worked on with the University of Manchester in the early stages (with Bruntwood SciTech and Stanhope subsequently joining the client team), helping to shape a relationship between a broad mix of facilities. The drive behind the project is to be a new exemplar for how knowledge and innovation can be embedded within new innovation districts, with this new dynamic being the catalyst for urban renewal.

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