Our Green Week: Sustainability does not stand still

26th November 2020

Now in its sixth year, Green Week is a Sheppard Robson staff-led initiative that brings together a week of talks and events to help our team to continually improve our sustainability practices and expand our thinking.

It started as a chance to reframe sustainability as an inspiring space for design and innovation, not simply a regulatory tick box exercise. Green Week encourages a more holistic discussion about our environment and wellness in a way that sparks engagement from staff.

Reflecting on the previous years of Green Week, we can see that we’re now in a new place. We no longer need to explain the ‘whys’ of sustainability to the industry; it’s now about asking ‘how’. How do we better integrate sustainability into projects? How do we set more ambitious targets? How do we build more of the skills necessary to deliver meaningful change and what are the tools and knowledge needed to meet industry targets? We have evolved and the world has shifted. Green Week 2020 is a response to this shift.

Through our sustainability team, we engaged with our staff about what they wanted to see in this year’s programme. As a result, our Green Week 2020 agenda responds to the industry’s most pressing topics and leverages our strong relationships with leading sustainability experts, including:

  • UKGBC discussing how Nature-based Solutions (NBS) can be used to respond to the climate emergency
  • ARUP discussing the role of designers in tackling embodied carbon in the built environment
  • Zero Waste Scotland promoting waste as a design problem, leveraging circular economy principles to design better
  • and RIBA presenting its 2030 Climate Challenge and Sustainable Outcomes Guide, challenging ourselves to understand how we can integrate the ambitious challenge better into our practice.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged us to take stock and re-evaluate our thinking, enabling us to evolve Green Week to better represent the turning of the tide – from ‘why’ to ‘how’. We are committed to our agenda of continuous improvement and ensuring the entire Sheppard Robson family is empowered in our journey towards a more responsible future.