Notes from London Design Festival

3rd October 2016

Whilst the ID:SR team were out and about during this year’s London Design Festival, Helen Berresford and Liz Rubin jotted down a few observations about their favourite pieces.

Vintage Rose sample (middle left)

Manufacturer: Melin Tregwynt’s

Selected by: Helen

“‘Locally-sourced’ is a phrase you read a lot but what are the actual advantages? Here, we looked at Melin Tregwynt’s fabrics where threads can be traced back to source. We’re looking at using these Welsh fabrics for our project for the BBC in the region, with an ambition to specify 100% local materials. This way the ‘Locally-sourced’ tag is not a fleeting gesture but forms a narrative that weaves together spaces with their surroundings.”

Digital star (middle right)

Manufacturer: Blackbody

Selected by: Helen

“We loved the i-rain by Blackbody installation of LED lights as there was a real poetry to it, subtly reinterpreting a digital product to form a starry sky that evokes nature.”

Old school chair reinterpreted (bottom left)

Selected by: Helen

Manufacturer: Very Good & Proper

“Taking a much-loved object from the past and reinterpreting it reminded us how exciting subtle gestures can be. In a world were emphasis is placed on bold shapes and the glitz of the extraordinary, the humbleness of these simple and elegant stackable classroom-style chairs reminded us of the joys of tempering excess and revelling in the detail.”

Exquisite craftsmanship (top)

Selected by: Liz

Manufacturer: Bethan Gray for Shamsian

“Bethan reimagines an age old furniture craftsmanship of marquetry, pairing high quality veneers and marbles with solid brass details. My favourites are the rose marble table and the Nizwa cabinet.”

An ode to concrete (bottom right)

Selected by: Liz

Manufacturer: Tamasine Osher Design

“This ‘Spider’ table combines patinated steel frames with a cast concrete top ‘inspired by the crouch position of the house spider in fright’. Other materials available but I love the polished concrete.”

Helen Berresford RIBA

Partner, Head of ID:SR