Event: Does architectural education need a shake-up?

3rd June 2015

As part of Sheppard Robson’s ongoing event programme for staff, a panel discussion deliberated the state of architectural education in the UK and whether a shake-up is required. Chaired by the Architects Journaleditor Rory Olcayto, the panel included Bob Sheil (Director of The Bartlett School of Architecture) and Sheppard Robson’s Andrew German (guest critic at Manchester Metropolitan University and the Royal Academy of Art) and James Jones (who has taught at the School of Architecture University of Liverpool for over 10 years.

Event: does architectural education need a shake-up?

Key topics of conversation included:

Are seven year courses (with high tuition fees) a major barrier for greater diversification in the architecture profession? Do we need to shorten the length of courses, helping architects enter the employment earlier in their career?

Do architects need to focus their careers around a specialism like doctors? Or does a more open education create an important foundation for an architect to build a career upon?

Does the academic content of architecture courses need to change, placing more emphasis on practical skills rather than theory? What skills do clients value most from architects and how can this be encouraged during their education?

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Peter Dye

Head of Communications