SR reflects on… How will prolonged WFH impact office design?

17th April 2020

Each "SR reflects on…" video focuses on a pertinent topic in the built environment, asking several members of our team to share their thoughts. It’s designed to stimulate debate and conversation during this period of remote working, creating opportunities to share lateral thinking and observations about the industry. By having multiple views–which are filmed informally and pulled together with simple editing, we are hoping to explore the complexity of a subject and show the different perspectives people might take.

For the first "SR reflects on…" we wanted to ask the question that a number of our team, clients and collaborators have been asking: how will prolonged WFH have a long-term impact on workplace design? Will working from home become more popular thus fundamentally change the way we use offices? Will people appreciate the office as a social hub more—if so, how will spaces adapt to cater for this? Or perhaps you think that nothing will really change in the long-term? We have shared a few of our thoughts…

Thanks to those who contributed (in order of appearance): Helen Berresford, Natalia Maximova, Dan Burr, Chuck Dedeu, Gregory Weinrich, Lee Bennett, and Katie Bell