Sheppard Robson's Gingerbread Bridge goes on show at the V&A

7th December 2018

Ginger Bread City – a miniature town made solely of Gingerbread – goes on show at London’s V&A Museum tomorrow, including the Contemporary Bridge by Sheppard Robson. The exhibition, covered widely in the press, is focused on championing sustainability, innovation and social responsibility in city planning.

The Sheppard Robson design has been created using an ‘Origami Style’ folded truss structure. The multifaceted form was derived from several studies looking at geometrical shapes and how well they can be constructed together to form a clear self supporting span. The key to this design was to make one modular element that can be repeated and connected to another to create a monolithic structure. The effect of this is a graceful sculptural form that can allow plenty of light to come through. We have used gingerbread triangle’s containing green glass sugar elements to create a delicate structure which is light and elegant in form.

For more information about the exhibition and to book tickets, please click here.