Sheppard Robson Supports Climate Action

19th September 2019

Today participants from Sheppard Robson’s offices across the UK will take part in demonstrations in support of global climate action, demanding an end to the age of fossil fuels.

At Sheppard Robson, we firmly believe that sustainable design and innovation in architecture is critical to preserving the planet for future generations. We are proud of our history of sustainability and commitment to lowering our carbon footprint—sustainable innovation has been a founding principle of the practice and is integrated into our designs and business processes. We believe that no building, space or place can be considered well designed if it does not positively contribute towards environmental sustainability.

Beyond our commitment to sustainable design, each year the practice collates its environmental impact and carbon emissions, followed by an environmental programme that sets targets for reducing our environmental footprint year-on-year. We are proud to share our Annual Environmental Audit Summary Report for 2018-19, which outlines some of the many ways we’re contributing towards climate action.

Read our Annual Environmental Audit Summary Report for 2018-19 here.