Sheppard Robson signs up to AJ RetroFirst campaign

10th March 2020

Sheppard Robson has joined RetroFirst, the AJ campaign to promote retrofit as a means to reduce the environment footprint of the architecture and construction industries. RetroFirst advocates for three key areas of intervention:

  1. Tax: Cut VAT rate on refurbishment from 20% to 5%
  2. Policy: Promote the reuse by introducing new clauses into planning guidance and the building regulations
  3. Procurement: Insist all publicly funded projects look to retrofit solutions first

The campaign aligns with our founding principle of prioritising sustainable innovation, supporting our ambition to improve built environment efficiency and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Lee Bennett, partner at Sheppard Robson, commenting on championing the reuse of our buildings, said:

“Whether repurposing a redundant shell, reinvigorating a tired interior, or rethinking and extending an already realised building, prolonging the useful life of our existing stock is genuinely sustainable. By recycling the building fabric we already have, we convert our throw-away culture into a more enduring and responsible one. Reuse, especially when combined with other sustainability strategies, is a force for good when minimising carbon and an opportunity to create thoughtful and progressive buildings, spaces and places.”

More information on RetroFirst signatories is available here and about the campaign here.

A selection of Sheppard Robson’s retrofit projects can be found here.