Sheppard Robson releases Gender Pay Gap figures

27th March 2018

We have just submitted our Gender Pay Gap figures for the first time – as required by legislation for businesses over 250 people. 

It is the first year that companies have been required to present this information and we would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that men and women are paid equally for equivalent roles at Sheppard Robson, and we work hard to create a fair, inclusive culture for all.

Our mean pay gap is 11% and our median pay gap is 10.9%.  As is the case across the industry, the disparity is down to a higher number of senior men than women within the company. This also impacts our bonus figures, with the mean gender bonus gap is 13.8% and our median figure is 25%. A full statement on our figures are included below. 

Although our results are significantly better than the national average and a number of our peers, we still feel uncomfortable with this industry-wide disparity. In the attached document, we present our results and also anticipate how the practice’s pay gap will look in the future and what we can do to drive continual improvement. On the latter, we have also been collaborating closely with other leading architectural practices on how we can collectively deliver change – we hope to report back on this shortly.

Download Sheppard Robson's full Gender Pay Gap statement

Andrew German

Managing Partner