Sheppard Robson releases gender pay gap figures

9th March 2020

Sheppard Robson has just submitted our Gender Pay Gap figures for the third year—as required by legislation for businesses over 250 people.

Our mean pay gap is 10.7% and our median pay gap is 9.2%. A full statement on our figures is included in the document below.

The mean and median Pay Gap calculations across the industry illustrate a disparity in women progressing to senior roles within our profession. The reporting process, albeit only a snapshot of a practice, raises awareness of the issues that we must grapple with as a practice, and as an industry. We are committed to continually making the best conditions for every one of our team to thrive, as well as making a contribution to the wider world. In terms of internal practice management, we introduced enhanced shared parental leave, increasing childcare options for members of our team. We also recognise that tackling the deep-set issues of equality and diversity within our industry will take prolonged and continual effort. That’s why we have created the role of Equality and Diversity Champion to encourage debate and action around these vital issues. As Sheppard Robson staff will know from the practice presentation, Alicia Smith in the London office has taken up this position and will be driving this forward.

If we don’t address issues of diversity and inclusivity then our industry, cities and communities will be worse off. We have been contributing to a wide range of community initiatives that engage young minds and champion diversity within architecture, design and the arts more broadly. As a practice, we are well placed to connect a wide range of people to the power of creativity, and we believe every child should start life with as many open doors in front of them as possible. Several of these initiatives are outlined in our publication, Opening Doors, Opening Minds, which are both practice-led and self-initiated by our dedicated staff, and supported by Sheppard Robson providing the time, space and patronage necessary to bring these ideas to fruition.

Gender pay gap figures 2020