Sheppard Robson launches Sustainability & Innovation Charter

29th April 2020

During the current Covid-19 pandemic, it is understandably easy to lose sight of any crises beyond the most immediate—most notably the fight against climate change and global environmental degradation.

However, we believe at this critical moment in time, we must not lose focus on our responsibility to combat climate change. The challenge we are all facing is urgent—it is happening now and not slowing down.

In light of this, Sheppard Robson is committing to amplifying our longstanding engagement with sustainability, seizing new opportunities to move beyond ‘back to normal’ to accelerate sustainable development.

We recognise that a practice of our size and position within the industry should not be tied to a single solution; instead, we should be knowledgeable and confident in critically applying innovative, multifaceted approaches to create deliverable, sustainable solutions.

We believe that optimisation will come from our dexterity and unwavering focus on the big picture, delivered through seven key tenets:

01/ Promote – environmentally and socially sustainable practice, innovation and action.

02/ Establish – ambitious and achievable mitigation targets and indicators. Monitor and Verify.

03/ Employ – sustainable design principles aligned to the RIBA 2030 Sustainable Outcomes.

04/ Evaluate – in-use project performance in order to inform and optimise.

05/ Realise – a comprehensive methodology for net zero whole life carbon.

06/ Integrate – health, wellness and fairness considerations into practices and operations.

07/ Share – knowledge, research and data in an effective and considered manner.

Read our Sustainability & Innovation Charter here.