Manchester Metropolitan University - Jicwood Competition 2016

22nd February 2016

In the aftermath of the Second World War, Britain faced a housing crisis caused by a moratorium on new council houses and the effects of bombing. 750,000 homes were needed to house displaced families and returning soldiers. A rapid and innovative response was required, and one form of this was the use of pre-fab, modular housing. Sheppard Robson’s response was notable for its re-purposing aircraft factories and technologies to produce the Jicwood Bunglaow, which established us as one of the 20th Century’s leading architectural innovators.

The Jicwood Prize is about recognizing unique architectural viewpoints at BA level at the Manchester Metropolitan University. The winner of the Jicwood Prize will receive £500 from Sheppard Robson. Furthermore, the opportunity to work within Sheppard Robson’s Manchester office will also be offered to the successful student. There is no obligation for the winner to accept the offer of employment, the opportunity to discuss terms will be provided. If the winner chooses not to accept the offer of employment for any reason then Sheppard Robson reserve the right not to employ any candidate or to discuss the opportunity with other candidates from the shortlist, at their discretion. The office is currently 70 strong and working on major projects for Manchester Science Parks, The University of Birmingham, the University of Newcastle and Muse Developments, among others.

We are interested in work that forms a coherent and exciting portfolio, looking in particular at:

  • The evolution of an architectural position over time - Does the body of work hang together, does it develop a clear position that emerges or is legible throughout? Is there an appropriate level of inquiry behind the ideas, have the right questions been asked? Is there a clear thread between design investigation and proposal? Is the point that the thinking is developed to compelling and original? This will be assessed at the point of the forming of the shortlist and is based on the development of an architectural idea through the studio submission of 3.1 and 3.2.
  • Graphic, model and verbal communication - Is the presentation approach in all modes complementary and balanced, providing clarity of position? Does it communicate to a client/non-architect clearly and effectively? Is the method of communication distinctive, does it bring something fresh and innovative? Does it demonstrate a high level of refinement and craft in the techniques deployed? This will be assessed by the judging panel in an examination of the full studio portfolio and a short presentation to be made by each shortlisted candidate.

BA submit 3.1 and 3.2 portfolios on 13.04.16.

The long-list of nominees will be decided by academic staff in the assessment period, based on the above criteria.

The long-list will be one student from each tutor group IE 13 students.

A shortlist will then be selected by Rupert Goddard, Partner at Sheppard Robson, and Richard Brook.

The shortlisted 3.3 portfolios will be submitted 16.05.16.

A final judging will take place between the 16th-30th May, including Lou Cordwell from Magnetic North and David Roberts from Igloo Regeneration. This will involve each of the shortlisted students making a short presentation based on the design idea, its evolution and its resolution.

The prize will be awarded at the degree show opening on 10 June 2016.

Good luck!