Hounslow House reviewed in the Architects' Journal

30th May 2019

"This is a building signifying something quite different to those that surround it, yet doing so with relative restraint and quiet grandeur" Owen Hopkins for the Architects' Journal

The Architects' Journal has published a full building review of the practice's recently completed designs for Hounslow House, including a review from Owen Hopkins and accounts from the project team.

The full piece can be read here.

Well done to the SR project team, listed below!s

David Ardill

Susanna Barros-Costa

Iwona Bednarska

Helen Berresford

Rok Drolc

Marcella Falsetta

Andi Fatkoja

Elena Gonzalez

Sarah Laurisch

Margaret Leong

Robert Myers

Sakiko Marui-Turrell

Cara Oliver

Christina Pappa

Elena Prousalidou

Bruno Santos

Alan Shingler

Aleksandra Szczyglak

Gary Van Heerden

Kasam Visanji