AUDE 2019

15th April 2019

In the 17th Century, coffee shops had already become the precursor to the modern workplace: an informal space where people from different backgrounds – traders, innovators and thinkers – could rub shoulders. They were places built on interaction and creative collisions.

This same sense of community is integral to how we think about educational buildings and spaces. Our projects often revolve around informal social spaces that bind together different schools of thought – a lot like the original coffee shop.

So, as it is still great coffee – rather than brochures, posters and lanyards – that brings people together, we have gone back to basics and made a mini coffee shop. We look forward to chatting with you all at the #AUDE19 conference today and tomorrow on stand 46.

Follow the hashtag #bepartoftheconversation

Team attending: Alex Solk; Eugene Sayers; James Dick; Rupert Goddard; Renza La Sala; Stacey Phillips