KPMG, Southampton Southampton, UK

ID:SR Sheppard Robson has created a new office space for KPMG near Southampton, which is the sixth project the studio has completed for the global professional services firm. The 12,500ft² KPMG South Coast office has been designed to significantly improve the space and service provided for staff and clients, with a concept that allows the business to harness the benefits of flexible working styles.

All spaces are located on one floor with the space divided into three clear zones for staff, clients and the cafe space. As you enter the reception, a range of work settings are visible: including drop-in booths for informal focused work; nine meeting rooms that can be reconfigured for a range of uses, from meetings to larger events; and collaboration spaces for teams and informal presentations. A variety of work settings create an environment where clients feel comfortable to spend longer periods of time rather than just “dropping-in”.

1,056 m2



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