77 Parkway London, UK

Nestled off a busy street in Camden Town, the former industrial building has been home to Sheppard Robson for over 40 years. The refurbishment involves a series of additions that has given the practice the opportunity to add a greater range of amenity and social spaces as well as diversity in work settings. The expansion of the triangular shaped building has been done alongside sensitive repairs to create a significantly improved office environment that retains the distinct character of the original building.

As you approach the office, the building’s original water tower – now restored – signals the entrance into the intimate courtyard just off the bustling Parkway. As part of several additions to the building’s structure, a new entrance and meeting rooms above project out into the courtyard. These large, expansive windows are echoed on the other side of the courtyard, where new meeting rooms have been suspended of the existing walkway.

  • Sheppard Robson



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