Westminster Place, SE1 London, UK

The proposed redevelopment of York House was design to create in a glistening, crystalline 18-storey landmark office building adjacent to Waterloo Station. The steel and glass structure provides fully flexible 2,100m² floorplates. The pre-eminent feature is a 1,000m² roof terrace offering panoramic views of the Thames and the Houses of Parliament.

The fully glazed façade is divided into two skins which create an environmental buffer between inside and out, whilst also reflecting and refracting light. The outer skin is a deformed grid that pulls against diagonal fins to create a series of small pyramids, which gives crystalline reflections and animates the façade as the sun moves around it. Dichroic glass fins add changing colour to the building façade. The triple-height entrance provides a visual connection to the base of a full-height atrium. To minimise the mass and impact of the central elements, lifts are supported by a free-standing structural tree.

  • Delancey Estates Ltd
31,600 m2




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