Minna Airport City Minna, Nigeria

Niger State recognises that airports are shaping business location and urban development in this century as much as seaports, railways and highways did in previous centuries, hence the need to create an airport city. Minna Airport City (MAC) is an urban regeneration project and economic transformation strategy that fits into and reinforces Niger State’s vision to become one of the top three state economies in Nigeria by the year 2020. Sheppard Robson led a team including Arup and Davies Langdon to produce a masterplan and viability proposal.

MAC will be the first of its kind in Nigeria - its layout, infrastructure, and economy are centred around the existing brownfield airport site on the outskirts of Minna. MAC as conceptualised will be a well-planned city. It would become a benchmark in urban planning, and as an exemplar for other Nigerian cities. It will become a hub for business, commerce and tourism for West Africa and beyond, and a centre of development for education and healthcare. It will provide the ability to re-skill the local community in line with the needs of a global economy.

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