The Barony Campus Cumnock, East Ayrshire, UK

Situated on a 19.8-hectare site, the innovative new Barony Campus consolidates five schools into one shared community campus, creating a centre for education for the towns of Cumnock, Auchinleck and the surrounding area. The project for East Ayrshire Council, and based on standards set by the Scottish Futures Trust, includes a secondary school (for 1,633 pupils), a primary school (517 pupils), a nursery (240 children), an 80-place supported learning centre, 30 additional places for students with special educational requirements, playing fields and sport facilities.

Set into the landscape on a radial geometry, the design helps to break down the overall mass of the building, minimising visual impact and giving each element of the school its own identity. Principles of the local design vernacular, such as brick, sandstone and pitched roofs, were used to mediate between the scale of the school and the adjacent residential developments, ensuring that the school feels at home in its sensitive environment.

  • East Ayrshire Council
23,000 m2
  • Scottish Design Awards - Winner
  • AJ Architecture Awards - Shortlisted + awaiting result




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