Imperial College London, City & Guilds Building, SW7 London, UK

Having successfully created a series of heavy testing laboratories and workshops in the basement of the City & Guilds Building Sheppard Robson has led the design to refurbish the other floors of the building to provide state-of-the-art research, workshop, teaching and support accommodation. This enables the Department of Aeronautics to be collated with the Department of Mechanical Engineering allowing them to interact, maintain and improve their position as part of the UK’s leading engineering research and teaching institution.

The aspiration was to produce well-equipped experimental and computational facilities that combine theoretical and experimental studies. Key in meeting this is to combine engineering and medical technical requirements for a multi-disciplinary science-based approach. This project will provide new laboratories with precise vibration, environmental and acoustic capabilities for aerodynamics, composites, tribology, mechatronics and mechanic research. Within the aeronautic areas are five wind tunnels of varying size. The project is being taken in a number of phases, and the remaining areas if the building have to remain operational throughout. Sheppard Robson has played a big part in determining a workable strategy for this phasing.

20,600 m2




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