Hounslow Civic Centre Middlesex, UK

Sheppard Robson won a design competition in 2005 for a new 16,000m² civic centre for the London Borough of Hounslow. Developed by Linkcity, the new facility creates a distinctive architectural form that gives the new building a strong civic presence within the community, with the design promoting a feeling of openness and creating connections between the public and private functions of the building.

The external elevations help create a civic building that commands a presence within the community and addresses the adjacent high street. The facades are informed by a singular design approach, creating a consistent architectural language to all elevations. This vocabulary is derived from glazed bays separated by extruding geometric forms made from anodised aluminium, which vary in depth depending on the orientation of the façade.

16,000 m2
  • New London Architecture Awards - Shortlisted



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