Grace Academy Darlaston Walsall, UK

The ethos of the academy and its sponsor, ‘Grace’, are closely aligned with providing transformational opportunities for students and having an impact on the local community. The design principles are based on providing a building which embodies this ethos and promotes the ‘Business & Enterprise’ specialism. The design strives to enhance the effective delivery of teaching and learning via the open and visually inclusive environment it will provide.

The other design driver was to provide high quality sports and exercise provisions to allow for continued and enhanced development through sports; the new facilities may also be used by local sports clubs and teams.

It is envisaged that the academy will be used as a communal learning resource. Community access and engagement will take place via extended school activities and sporting facilities. The academy intends to offer some of the school facilities to the wider community beyond school hours.

  • Walsall Council
12,750 m2
  • Built In Quality Awards - Winner



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