Duet, Erie Basin Salford Quays, UK

This Private Rented Sector (PRS) project provides 270 one-, two- and three-bedroom homes, with the design taking the form of two 16-storey wings, which address both the basin and canal that flank the site. The wings are angled to follow the site boundary, creating space in between the two buildings. The entrance houses a feature staircase that leads out onto a sunken landscaped terrace addressing the water.

The architectural language of the inner courtyard is characterised by angled bays that frame views to the water, while preventing flats from overlooking each other. Folded panels add depth to the façade—a feature used throughout the perimeter elevations.

Coated metal panelling features on outer elevations—staggered at three-level intervals—adding subtle variation to the façade. The prominent ends of the wings are feature a mix of glazing and back-painted glass, with the two materials arranged to create a pattern that animates the design whilst helping to control solar gain.

  • Glenbrook Property
20,700 m2



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