Development on the Deck London, UK

‘Development on the Deck’ is a hypothetical study which seeks to unlock the development potential of air space above railway lines, primarily for the purpose of building new homes.

Written in support of the Buildoffsite Linear Infrastructure Overbuild Guide, the study envisions the creation of green streets which run above an encapsulation structure over a railway, both creating new communities and providing opportunities for connection. This approach creates an inviting inward position for residential properties, as outer boundary conditions do not always offer an attractive outlook for high quality new developments.

Buildings atop the encapsulation structure are constructed using standardised volumetric modular components to create both low and high-rise building typologies. When compared with traditional construction methodologies, the particular benefits of modular construction on such sites include reduced weight of construction, enhanced acoustic performance and vibration isolation, a shorter on-site construction programme, fewer on-site construction personal, and fewer, larger components needing to be lifted by crane.



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