Cornbrook Hub, Manchester Manchester, UK

Cornbrook Hub is a residential development forming part of a gateway into Manchester. Located at the fringes of one of the city’s regenerated historic industrial areas, between a major access road and the tram- and train-lines, the site provides views over the River Irwell and beyond.

It is a build-to-rent development, comprising 280 apartments of different types, organised in two independent blocks of 14 storeys each. The ground floor includes front-of-house reception and services, plus car parking to the rear and retail facing the main road. The rooftop provides tenant amenities, which include a gym, lounge and studio, and a landscaped garden.

The two blocks follow a fan layout; the façades are faceted alternating solid and transparent sections, in order to increase natural light, create a sense of privacy and provide views from all units. The concrete floor slabs are exposed, forming continuous balconies around the perimeter that contrast with the vibrant anodised aluminium cladding of the walls.

Glenbrook Property Ltd
22,000 m2



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