City Academy, Norwich Norwich, UK

The new 10,500m² City Academy is a mixed, 6th form entry Academy catering for 900 11-16 year old students and 200 16-19 year old 6th form students, with a specialist resource base for ten FTE pupils, designed to meet the Academy’s vision of a ‘vibrant, attractive and stimulating learning environment’ which will seek to further raise aspirations and the achievements of its students and staff. The school also provides amenity to the wider community.

The openness of the Academy’s site led us to look for design inspiration from beyond the site perimeter. The Academy advised that there was a disconnection between the two local communities to the east and the north, and consequently allowed us to consider a means to embrace the two communities. The response was to form a flowing curve between east and north, generating a literal translation of movement and community interaction.

  • City Academy
10,200 m2
  • S-Lab Awards - Shortlisted




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