Almazov National Medical Research Centre Scientific and Educational Complex St Petersburg, Russia

Sheppard Robson were invited to submit design proposals for the Almazov National Medical Research Centre Scientific and Educational Complex in St Petersburg, Russia. The proposal for a new campus alongside the existing Clinical Complex and Children’s Rehabilitation Centre forms an integrated ecosystem where medical students can gain practical experience alongside academic qualifications.

Sheppard Robson’s proposal integrates the clinical, scientific and educational functions of the centre. Featuring a semi-transparent building fabric to promote connectivity within the complex, the design articulates the conceptual transition from Medical Research institution to a multifunctional complex transferring experience and knowledge. The campus is defined by three clear use zones that reflect the school’s organization: administration, dormitory, and research and education (REU).

The REU cluster forms the heart of the site, fusing rational teaching and research spaces with dynamic walkways and platforms to allow zonal independence, propagate exchange, and encourage interaction. The cluster sits above an assembly of communal spaces including a library, café and winter-garden that feature restorative views into nearby Udelny Park. The entrance to cluster responds the adjacent highway and arrival plaza, representing transparency to the city, and is enlivened by open stairs reaching the library and dropping into lecture theatres. Glazed white terracotta vertical fins unify the facades of the buildings within the site, supporting a sense of shared DNA throughout the centre.

  • Almazov National Medical Research Centre



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