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Standard Chartered Bank
Completion 2008
Size 19,000 m2

ID:SR worked with Standard Chartered Bank to relocate its London operations from four separate buildings, integrating staff into a new single premises at One Basinghall Avenue in the City of London. The building is approximately 200,000ft² and consists of basement, lower ground floor, ground floor and nine upper office floors. Contemporary business functions are located throughout the building, including a restaurant, auditorium, trading floor, reception and an executive level.


The design was developed to capture the essence of the Bank’s vision and values. Standard Chartered Bank employs 40,000 people in over 500 offices in more than 50 countries, and has 150 years experience in emerging African and Asian financial markets. ID:SR established a set of key values to express in the interior workspace; strategic intent to be the world’s best international bank, brand promise to represent the right partner and corporate standards to be responsive, trustworthy, creative and courageous. A modern, efficient and flexible workspace was proposed, where everyone has an equal opportunity to maximise their potential.


ID:SR pushed the boundaries of the Standard Chartered Bank’s global standards to achieve a unique design for their headquarters. L-shaped desks were replaced with collaborative bench style desks, allowing flexibility and the look and feel of a modern organisation. Asian and African artistic influences were introduced through the considered selection of local artefacts and showcased in the reception space. Sean Henry sculptures were commissioned for the central atrium – an area ID:SR transformed from a sterile space to a lively art gallery café.